Reasonable Cheap Furnished Apartment in Sendai

Comparison: To rent an ordinary apartment

When a person wish to rent an apartment in Japan, there are much difficulties for a none residents.
One is large innitial cost.
Here is an example to rent a Yen50,000 apartment in Japan.

Rent Yen50,000
Deposit(SHIKIKIN) Yen150,000
Key Money Yen50,000
Guarantor Fee Yen26,250
Realtor Fee Yen5,250
Total Yen283,750

Comparison: To rent a Furnished Apartment

You can save innitial cost.

Look at this Furnished Apartment.

Rent Yen35,000
Utility fee Yen5,000
Refundable deposit Yen30,000
Registry Fee Yen15,750
Total Yen95,750

Furnished Apartment in Sendai

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